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April 2018

Season’s Greetings
Spring is here and we at Jóvenes Adelante are busy as bees!
Thank you for all you do to support our students and our mission!

Student Program and Selection
Our team is deep into our rigorous vetting process from our pool of 137 new applicants! 
The next step will be student interviews and home visits from late May to late June! 
Mentorship Program 
Our Mentor Team is ramping up! 
Are you Spanish speaking and committed to mentoring a student?
WE NEED YOU. Please contact the office to find out more about our mentorship program!
We do not commit a scholarship to any student until we have that scholarship fully funded by either the full donation or a pledge to pay over a period up to 5 years. 

  • UPDATE  - SPONSORSHIPS: With over 130 applicants this year we hope to sponsor 27 new students this year!  Create a new sponsorship today with a 5 year commitment of $1,400 USD ($7,000 total)!
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  • Our Mentors Report on Students’ Successes
  • Jóvenes Adelante Student Represents Women at United Nations in New York
Student Successes!

Name: Miguel Alejandro Vázquez Mejía

Major: Agronomic Engineering in Production

University: Universidad La Salle

Campus: León, Guanajuato

Grad Date: June 2020

Miguel reports he is very happy and comfortable in Sevilla, Spain. He just had some exams and commented that they were very different than the exams he has taken in Mexico. They are more complicated and detailed. He has not received the results yet but feels he did well. Sounds like he is being challenged more academically, and he appears to be adapting well. He went to Valencia last weekend with a group called the "Erasmos." He had a good time and has a large group of friends.

Name: Luis Fernando Briseño Cruz

Major: Mechatronics Engineering

University: Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya

Campus: Celaya

Grad Date: July 2018

Working hard, preparing to go to Brazil on a robotics team, as designer-in-chief!


Name: Shalma Muñoz Gallegos

Major: Nursing and Obstetrics

University: Universidad de Guanajuato

Campus: Celaya

Grad Date: August 2021

Shalma has been really busy doing practicum work in 3 different hospitals from 7AM - 7PM Sat and Sun. (Sn Luis de la Paz in a maternity hospital, General Hosp in San Miguel and Cento Salud in Celaya.) With all this plus homework, she only got 4 hrs of sleep a night but still maintained a 9.3 average! Shalma appeared very healthy. Her classes coming up will be from 3-8 PM, always along with hospital practicum in morning. She's a truly delightful young lady. She is looking forward to her father's return from the US in June. She is as excited as ever about her education and smiles as she says in the next two years, it will only get worse!

Name: Johann Alejandro Hernández Solís

Major: Art Digital

University: UG Universidad de Guanajuato

Campus: Salamanca

Grad Date: August 2020

Johann's confidence is increasing with every session of the school. I am including here some of a message I received from him yesterday:   
 “Hi Bill, sorry for not sending you a message in a while, this past two weeks were more heavier than I thought, mostly between the audio recordings, the photographic works, the heavy readings for semiotic and my team videoclip, but tomorrow I'm finished the first term...also I took an extra Audio workshop with one of the best teachers of the school, and all my extra works for that workshop have been really good."


Name: Vicente Espinoza Ramírez

Major: General Psychology

University: Universidad Patria

Campus: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Grad Date: December 2020

Vicente is consistently gaining confidence in his studies, and in spite of his shyness is pushing himself into more challenges. This week he contributed to an event organized by Libros Para Todos /Rural Ed by making a brief talk in front of a large audience. He spoke movingly about the need for internet service in his community as well as other issues he faces as a university student living in an underserviced rural area. He also took part in two volunteer projects with his classmates: one that provides free food to relatives of atients outside the General Hospital, and the other is an environmental project in Tierra Blanca where they will plant 100 trees.

Names: Janete and Moises Gamboa Mendoza

Major: Ing. In Systems and Software Development                                          

University: Instituto Tecnológico Sanmiguelense

Campus: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Grad Date: May 2021

All seems to be going well for this dynamic brother-sister duo. Financial stress may return, but for the moment all is manageable. Classes are going very well. Apart from school, their leadership and persistence have finally paid off. For three years, they have worked with their mother to gain government approval for repaved roads, a new park and new street lighting in their home town of Puente del Carmen — it was finally approved! This is a real triumph for the family and an important step forward for the community. They continue to work with their mom, helping other members of the community to file paperwork for government subsidized housing.

Jóvenes Adelante Student Represents Women
at United Nations in New York

When asked what her wildest dream would be, Karina Muñoz pauses to contemplate her answer. Sunlight streams into the green courtyard of her family’s home in Col. San Antonio, where she lives with her parents, grandmother, and two younger sisters when not attending school.“I want to run an organization that helps improve the lives of others, and that makes the world a better place.” As the first in her family to attend University, she is well on her way. 

This academic term she completes her third and final year of the degree in Industrial Relations at the University of Guanajuato, which prepares her for a career in Human Resources management, allowing her to work directly with people. “I like it because when you know another person, you know a little part of the history of their lives. Many people are looking for a job, for better opportunities, and I can help.” Even now, before the completion of her program, her impact extends beyond the confines of campus. 

 Karina was selected recently to represent Mexico at the United Nations’ 62nd Commission on the Status of Women, which functions to empower women and girls around the world, particularly in rural areas. “As young people we got to make sure our perspectives were represented in this important conversation. To see others my age speaking at this event inspired me to think more about how I could make a difference myself.” Karina also participates in a model UN Assembly as the General Secretary for the State of Guanajuato, and is now working on a follow-up proposal to address the challenges that women and girls face in Mexico today that were identified at the commission.

The invitation to UN headquarters in New York City was made possible by Karina’s accomplished participation and leadership role as Coordinator of the University Debate Team of Guanajuato. Though not one to boast about her achievements, she is no stranger to accolades from the states’ premier educational institution. Beyond winning the title of “Best Debater” in the 10th National University Debate Congress, Karina has received awards such as: Manos por el Mundo, Rumbo a Japón, the Municipal Youth Award, and has been recognized for her participation in a research project on “Smart Cities.” 

What’s striking in light of these accomplishments is Karina’s unassuming manner; her calm confidence, gracious demeanor, and palpable drive indicate the potential extent of positive impact she will have in the lives of those with whom she will work. While admittedly nervous, she’s mostly excited to soon begin her job search and have her next youngest sister pursue a University experience, possibly in business. In the limited free time that she has, she enjoys reading works by Jules Verne and spending time with her family.      

Jóvenes Adelante sponsors top-ranked students from San Miguel who otherwise cannot afford university, helping break the cycle of poverty while building a skilled Mexican workforce. Right now, mentors (especially those who speak Spanish) are needed for this year’s scholarhsip recipients. To volunteer with or donate to Jóvenes Adelante, see or call 150-0030.

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